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6 Efficient Hand Mudras for Excessive Blood Stress

6 Efficient Hand Mudras for Excessive Blood Stress

Hand Mudras for High Blood pressure

Hypertension, often known as hypertension, is a standard cardiac situation that may trigger coronary heart assaults, strokes, dementia, and even demise. It’s steadily known as a “silent killer” because it causes arterial blood strain to rise to abnormally excessive ranges.

There are numerous causes that may end in hypertension, nevertheless, probably the most prevalent ones are inactive life-style, excessive sodium consumption, weight problems, age, genetic components, life-style habits, smoking, stress, and so on. Lengthy-term undiagnosed hypertension may end up in a number of well being points.

Whereas there are blood strain drugs, they aren’t really useful for long-term use, and taking too many tablets shouldn’t turn into a behavior. Your hypertension could be managed with assistance from a couple of mudras of yoga.

By making use of the pure practices of mudra yoga, you possibly can take proactive measures to manage your blood strain and preserve your well being.

Can mudras actually assist in hypertension?

Sure, the outcomes of some analysis research present that mudras might modestly scale back hypertension. Mudras in yoga are equal to rest remedy that scale back stress and nervousness. It will probably assist hypertension sufferers in reducing the chance of coronary heart issues, continual kidney illness, strokes, and so on.

It has been scientifically confirmed that mudras could be an efficient complementary therapy in preserving hypertension in management. A June 2020 research has revealed that Quarter-hour of apply of Apana Vayu mudra can efficiently scale back hypertension in hypertension sufferers.

One other research revealed in 2016 advised that hand mudras can be utilized in an emergency when medical companies usually are not instantly out there.

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Blood circulation resistance in your arteries and the amount of blood your coronary heart pumps out are each components that have an effect on blood strain. Your blood strain rises in direct proportion to how a lot blood your coronary heart pumps and the way small your arteries are.

Reviewing your systolic and diastolic blood strain values will permit a medical individual to establish hypertension and resolve on the very best course of remedy for you.

Systolic strain is the strain within the arteries because of the center’s pumping blood by means of them. It’s the quantity that’s written on the highest.

Diastolic strain is the strain within the arteries when the center is at relaxation in between beats. It’s the quantity that’s written on the underside.

Thus, any mixture of numbers above 120/80 is taken into account to be hypertension.

Although there are a lot of medicines out there to maintain hypertension in management, long-term consumption can result in side-effect.

How do mudras management hypertension situations?

Once we do mudras that correspond to the center, it produces enjoyable results on muscle groups surrounding small blood vessels. It leads to the enlargement of slender blood arteries which in flip permits blood to circulation extra simply. This fashion doing mudra hand gestures controls hypertension.

Mudras are steadily utilized in yoga to direct the circulation of vitality by means of the delicate physique and are practised together with meditation and pranayama. It’s assumed that individual elements of the hand can activate particular elements of the mind and coronary heart. The physique’s vitality sample could be modified by sending a sign to the mind. That is completed by means of controlling the motion of prana vayus within the delicate physique.

From an ayurvedic perspective, hypertension primarily includes a disruption of Vata dosha with pitta and kapha being the secondary doshas. In vata dosha varieties, Vyana Vayu is extra particularly chargeable for controlling blood strain in arteries. Mudras akin to vyana vayu mudra decrease hypertension by balancing the air and ether (or house) components of the physique.

Preserving the above in thoughts, beneath are 6 efficient mudras that may assist decrease hypertension.

  1. Apana vayu mudra
  2. Surya mudra
  3. Ganesha mudra
  4. Prana mudra
  5. Prithvi mudra
  6. Akash mudra

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1. Apana Vayu Mudra to stop coronary heart assault and relieve coronary heart heaviness

apana vayu mudra steps
Picture: fitsri

Apan vayu mudra is one the simplest mudra for managing hypertension. It’s also known as the Mrit-Sanjeevni Mudra means “one which brings again to life from demise” as this can be very efficient in stopping an oncoming coronary heart assault.

This mudra aids within the therapy of respiration issues, angina pectoris, coronary heart assaults, coronary heart failure, and so on. It’s shaped by the mixture of Apana and Vayu mudra.

The Vayu mudra portion of this mudra will immediately open the blocked artery and supply it with oxygen, and the Apana mudra element will eradicate these toxins within the guise of clogs and obstructions to boost blood circulation.

Steps to carry out

  • Sit in a meditative place of your alternative; akin to Straightforward Pose (Sukhasana), Lotus Pose (Padmasana), Hero Pose (Virasana), or Thunderbolt Pose (Vajrasana).
  • Your again ought to be straight and your shoulder ought to be away from the ears to keep away from slouching.
  • You may sit on a yoga mat, bolster, cushion, and even in your mattress as it can offer you extra help and padding.
  • Place your palms on the knees with palms going through up.
  • On each palms, be part of the information of the thumb, center, and ring finger whereas bringing the tip of the index finger to the bottom of the thumb. The remaining finger, i,e, little finger, ought to stay comfortably straight.
  • Shut your eyes and take deep breaths. 
  • Maintain this mudra for at the very least 10-Quarter-hour. 

Extra Ideas

  • Folks with an extreme quantity of Kapha Dosha or who’ve a Kapha structure ought to train warning as a result of it elevates the earth ingredient.
  • This mudra ought to be discontinued after you sense your subject has been resolved as a result of it could disrupt the concord of the opposite components.

2. Surya Mudra to cut back ldl cholesterol stage

surya or agni mudra in yoga, weight loss mudra
Supply: fitsri

The thyroid gland’s metabolic course of is accelerated whenever you do Surya mudra. The chance of a coronary heart blockage is subsequently decreased because of this mudra’s help in reducing dangerous levels of cholesterol.

Improved metabolism and diminished ldl cholesterol impression coronary heart well being and stability the fluctuations of blood strain. 

Steps to carry out

  • Sit on a yoga mat in a meditative place akin to lotus pose (padmasana) or simple pose (sukhasana).
  • Preserve your again straight and stay up for align your head with the backbone.
  • Fold your ring finger in order that it touches the bottom of the thumb. Place your thumb on the folded ring finger.
  • Preserve the remainder of the fingers comfortably straight.
  • Be sure strain on the ring finger is average to extend the hearth ingredient however attempt to not overdo it.
  • Place your palms in your thighs or knees with palms up and shut your eyes.
  • Maintain the mudra for no less than 10 minutes.

Extra Ideas

  • You should use this mudra for longer intervals all through the winter to construct inside warmth as a result of it boosts the hearth ingredient.
  • To arrange for the mudra, drink some water or all the time have a bottle close by.
  • The surya mudra’s results will likely be enhanced by practising pran Mudra.
  • To fight the Surya mudra’s warmth, apply the Varun and Gyan mudras.

3. Ganesh Mudra to enhance blood circulation

hands in ganesha mudra
Fingers at coronary heart stage in Ganesha mudra. Picture Supply: Shutterstock

When carried out steadily, ganesha mudra hand place is assumed to cut back stress and enhance temper. Excessive ldl cholesterol victims should use this mudra.

This can be a nice calming mudra to make use of throughout meditation. Coronary heart illness threat is decreased by meditation-induced psychological calm and heart-centred consciousness.

Through the use of the ganesha mudra, you possibly can fortify your coronary heart, improve blood circulation, and activate the coronary heart chakra.

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Steps to carry out

  • Sit in any comfy meditative posture akin to Vajrasana, Sukhasana, Padmasana, and so on. 
  • Partially fold the fingers of your left hand, as you place it in entrance of your chest with the palm going through outward.
  • Make an identical formation with the appropriate hand’s fingers and clutch the left hand. The fitting-hand palm will likely be going through inward. Be sure each palms are held collectively in a good grasp with the fingers firmly clasped.
  • Shut your eyes and take a deep breath in. As you exhale, draw your palms towards one another however with out letting go of the grasp. Your shoulders and chest will really feel stretched.
  • Loosen up the pul as you end the exhale. 
  • Repeat the complete course of 5-6 instances.
  • Do the train whereas switching the hand positions.
  • Observe the complete mudra for 10-Quarter-hour in a single sitting.

Extra Ideas

You may chant the Ganesha Mantra to middle your ideas and improve the facility of this mudra. The mantra is, “Om Gan Ganapataye Namah” which suggests ‘I bow right down to you in gratitude’.

prana mudra for healing
Picture: Shutterstock

As a consequence of its capability to awaken dormant vitality within the physique, prana mudra is taken into account to be one of the necessary mudras. The circulation of breath, coronary heart price, circulatory system, physique temperature, nervous system, and sense of grounding are all strongly affected by prana mudra hand gesture.

Prana mudra strengthens the immune system and lessens vein congestion. This in flip brings your blood strain returns to regular. It would additionally take away nervousness, rage, and unease for those who do that steadily.

Steps to carry out

  • Sit in any comfy meditative posture akin to Vajrasana, Sukhasana, Padmasana, and so on. 
  • Preserve your again straight and stay up for align your head with the backbone.
  • Deliver the information of the little and ring fingers of each palms to hitch the tip of the thumb. Preserve mild strain on the fingertips to keep away from discomfort.
  • The remaining fingers will likely be saved comfortably straight. 
  • Place the palms in your knees with palms going through upwards and shut your eyes.
  • Maintain this mudra for at the very least 15-20 minutes.

Extra Ideas

  • Prana mudra may also be used with pranayama to boost the prana stage into greater chakras.
  • It ought to be carried out simply earlier than sitting for meditation to advertise a relentless circulation of Prana all through the complete sitting.
  • As prana mudra units off all the physique’s metabolic processes, doing it at night time might stop you from getting sufficient sleep. In consequence, practising it at night time is just not suggested.

5. Vyana Mudra to keep up blood strain and enhance prana circulation

Vyana mudra
Supply: fitsri

In case your sedentary life-style or much less bodily exercise is the reason for hypertension, it’s best to do vyana mudra. Often known as vata karak mudra, it balances disturbed vata dosha within the physique. As per Ayurveda, imbalance in vata dosha is a main reason for hypertension.

This mudra reduces the chance of injury to the center and coronary arteries, together with coronary heart assault, coronary heart illness, and congestive coronary heart failure.

Do vyana mudra with meditation for Quarter-hour at one stretch to decrease hypertension. To do it, are available a cross-legged place, together with your palm going through up – place your palms in your thighs. Now be part of the tip of the index and center finger with the thumb tip and hold the remainder two fingers in regular place. That is vyana mudra.

Vyana mudra will increase the circulation of prana vayus in the complete physique which in flip makes you’re feeling extra lively and removes fatigue, laziness, and dizziness.

6. Akash Mudra to cut back stress and nervousness

akash mudra (air gesture) steps
Picture: Shutterstock

Practising akash mudra will improve the house ingredient of the physique. It helps with physique cleansing, lowers hypertension, and enhances the removing of metabolic wastes from the physique. Moreover, it removes unfavorable ideas and aids in focusing the thoughts, which could be a pure option to scale back stress and hypertension.

Steps to carry out

  • Sit in any comfy meditative posture akin to Vajrasana, Sukhasana, Padmasana, and so on. 
  • Preserve your again straight and stay up for align your head with the backbone.
  • Place your palms on the knees with palms going through upwards.
  • Be a part of the center finger and the thumb at their ideas and depart the remaining finger comfortably straight.
  • Maintain this mudra for at the very least 10-Quarter-hour.

Extra Ideas

Folks affected by the Vata (wind) imbalance ought to apply it reasonably.

Bonus apply: Meao Mudra to manage each excessive and low blood strain

If somebody suffers from excessive and low blood strain each time to time, then meao mudra is greatest appropriate for them to maintain blood strain below management.

To do meao mudra, open your palm going through up and straighten your fingers. Now curl your center and ring fingers in the direction of the centre of palm. Press the palm with these fingertips. Preserve all different fingers (index, little finger and thumb) prolonged or in a pure place. Maintain this mudra for 10 to fifteen minutes at one stretch.


Apana mudra and vyana mudra are the 2 only mudras for hypertension and any issues associated to coronary heart and blood circulation. Do these mudras for Quarter-hour at one stretch with meditation to extend their effectiveness.

Although hypertension is a critical medical concern, you possibly can simply hold it in examine with easy mudras. They are often carried out anyplace and offers you immense advantages. They’re a pure approach of remedy that may regulate your coronary heart price and blood strain and likewise hold you calm and stress-free.


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