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From Micro organism to Individuals: Slavery in Disguise

From Micro organism to Individuals: Slavery in Disguise

“Small Natural Robots”

We’re in an odd spot. For a very long time, our tradition has been assuming that nature is our property and our slave. An unruly and hostile slave — a slave to be tamed, dominated, and abused — so long as we are able to get away with it and be ok with ourselves as we dominate.

A part of that mindset is that human beings are considered by probably the most highly effective individuals in society as their slaves, too. You could be center class and even higher center class … they don’t care. Of their thoughts, you might be their toy, exist for them. And because it goes, regardless of the masters to do to nature or to the animals, they to do the individuals subsequent.

For instance, as increasingly individuals moved to cities, we have been informed to undertake the behavior of essentially chipping, vaccinating, and neutering our pets. It’s all for their very own good, proper? Nicely, it began with chipping pets however now … I digress.

This story is in regards to the micro organism. After they discuss programmable micro organism or “micro organism with programmable DNA,” I see it as twin menace, On the one hand, I can’t assist however take into consideration the truth that to our masters, human beings on the bottom aren’t any totally different than micro organism. Individuals are a useful resource to them — and they don’t seem to be shy about their need to program organic life, together with human life. That a lot, we all know.

Secondly, we don’t know something in regards to the long-term security of the merchandise produced with genetically modified bugs. And at this time, genetically modified microbes are a serious and nonetheless rising medium for the commercial manufacturing of chemical substances, meals, medicines, therapeutic proteins, and so forth. And allegedly, producers don’t even must label such merchandise as GMO.

Bioengineered Meals: An Interlude

Bioengineered” is the newest time period for GMO. Here’s a quote from the web page on the U.S. Division of Agriculture web site that accommodates producer FAQs. I’m utilizing their phrases verbatim in order that we are able to get guidelines and definitions straight out of their mouth.

Q: What data are enough to confirm {that a} meals is sourced from a non-bioengineered crop?

Quite a lot of data could also be enough to confirm a meals is sourced from a non-bioengineered crop. A non-exhaustive record contains: natural certification, data that present a non-BE crop selection was used, and data that present a meals originated in an space the place that particular BE meals isn’t produced.

Q: What’s the threshold for bioengineered substance, and the way is it measured?

The brink is designed to acknowledge the realities of the provision chain and acknowledge that BE and non-BE meals and substances are sometimes grown, harvested, transported, and processed in shut proximity to at least one one other. Due to this actuality, even when a non-BE ingredient is used, there could also be a hint quantity of a BE substance that is still on shared tools.

The brink exempts meals by which no ingredient deliberately accommodates a bioengineered substance and permits for the inadvertent or technically unavoidable presence of a BE substance, of as much as 5 p.c, in every ingredient.

Q: I’m a regulated entity which will qualify for the very small meals producers exemption. How do I calculate my whole income?

The Commonplace at 7 CFR 66.5(b) exempts very small meals producers from the BE disclosure necessities. At 7 CFR 66.1, very small meals producers are outlined as any meals producer with annual receipts of lower than $2,500,000 USD.

This quantity contains all meals and non-food receipts. Meals producer is outlined as an entity that manufactures, processes, or packs human meals and labels the meals or meals product for retail sale.

Q. What’s a validated refining course of?

A validated refining course of is one which has been demonstrated to make modified genetic materials undetectable when adopted. Validation is confirmed via testing and thru upkeep of processing data.

AMS has revealed a steerage on validation and to pick out a take a look at methodology. Each the steerage paperwork and related FAQs will be discovered underneath detectability testing.

Q. As soon as I’ve validated {that a} refining course of makes modified genetic materials undetectable, do I must proceed to check that course of?

No, as soon as a course of has been validated via testing and a regulated entity maintains data exhibiting the validated course of is adopted, the method doesn’t have to be examined once more except vital adjustments are made to that refining course of.

And one other quote:

Q. If a uncooked materials has processing aids that aren’t labeled within the ingredient record on our completed product, would that be topic to disclosure underneath the Commonplace? For instance, we use a vitamin D that has a corn oil service. We label the vitamin D on our completed product, however not the corn oil. If we all know the vitamin D isn’t a bioengineered meals, does the completed product want a BE disclosure due to the corn oil service?

The definition of bioengineered meals, at 7 CFR 66.1, excludes incidental components which can be current in meals at an insignificant stage and that don’t have any technical or useful impact within the meals, as described in 21 CFR 101.100(a)(3). Incidental components, when utilized in accordance with this definition, usually are not required to be included on the ingredient record.

If the corn oil you might be utilizing as a processing assist is taken into account an incidental additive as outlined in 21 CFR 101.100(a)(3), then it doesn’t require a bioengineered meals disclosure.

Are you impressed with these labeling requirements? I’m not.

Precision Fermentation

Precision fermentation is a way by which microorganisms are genetically reprogrammed to provide particular, custom-made molecules that may function new meals substances, industrial chemical compounds, therapeutic proteins, vaccines, and so forth. Though the long-term results of such merchandise are unknown, from the business standpoint, precision fermentation is taken into account useful as it’s probably cheaper and extra scalable than producing chemical compounds straight from vegetation, and so forth.

In keeping with Forbes, it’s a “new meals expertise that’s quickly getting into the mainstream. Merchandise corresponding to milk protein, animal fat, collagen, honey, lobster, egg whites and extra are receiving tons of of thousands and thousands of investor {dollars} … These merchandise are being marketed to a younger client base that wishes sustainable, climate-friendly meals that buck the system and promise a greater tomorrow.” Hmmm, however is it so?

“Precision fermentation expertise is a type of artificial biology … that sometimes requires using genetically engineered microorganisms, that are cultivated in brewery-style fermentation tanks. The little critters, often yeast, algae or micro organism, are programmed via a variety of in-vitro nucleic acid methods corresponding to CRISPR, gene enhancing or cloning.

They produce or excrete a selected sellable materials, often edible fat or proteins which can be biologically much like animal merchandise. These finish merchandise will be additional processed into substances or completed CPG gadgets.”

“The … new Nationwide Bioengineered Meals Disclosure Commonplace wouldn’t require these meals to be labeled as GMO as a result of they don’t comprise the genetically engineered organisms, they’re simply produced by them. Such merchandise would due to this fact not qualify for Non GMO Mission Verification. As a result of some could also be thought-about novel meals, it’s not clear how they are going to be labeled or regulated in Europe.

And since they’re animal-free, they might be thought-about vegan, however will nonetheless must have the identical allergen labeling as their animal-based counterparts.”

What in regards to the cell tradition medium? Is it actually as impartial and insignificant as we’re led to consider?? Even Forbes has query. “Is the nutrient bathtub derived from corn or soy, sometimes genetically modified to resist excessive dosages of herbicides? Are there provide chains in place to supply such nutrient media at scale? […] How a lot waste materials is produced by such microorganisms relative to sellable product?

This contains metabolic wastes, in addition to the leftover steep as soon as the spent microbes and consumable materials have been filtered out. How will such wastes be disposed of and who’s finally answerable for it?”

Oh cease asking foolish questions, says the business. In keeping with Meals Navigator, in its 2020 report on precision fermentation in dairy, RethinkX predicted that the expertise would make protein manufacturing “5 instances cheaper by 2030 and 10 instances cheaper by 2035 than present animal proteins.”

The “promotional brochure” for the merchandise made with precision fermentation would have you ever consider that they’re pure and secure. Precision fermentation, nonetheless, is “nothing like its pure counterpart … It makes use of genetically engineered microorganisms, corresponding to yeast and micro organism, which can be fermented in brewery-style tanks underneath high-tech, pharmaceutical grade sterile circumstances.

It’s because these cultures are extremely inclined to contamination which might destroy all the batch … The long-term outcomes are utterly unknown … Nevertheless it’s all serving the underlying agenda, which is whole management and world domination … These pretend, ultraprocessed meals give the globalists unprecedented energy and management over human well being, and so they’re utilizing stealthy advertising methods.”

“Pure Merchandise”

“Pure merchandise” can be a proper time period to explain a selected kind of metabolite, the secondary metabolite. In keeping with this Harvard College article, some organisms, corresponding to vegetation, fungi and micro organism, are capable of create a category of molecules known as secondary metabolites, or pure merchandise.

Researchers consider that they play no direct function within the organism’s regular development or replica as eradicating these molecules from the organism doesn’t end in speedy dying. Nevertheless, these organisms depend on pure merchandise designed for particular duties, corresponding to safety in opposition to different organisms or interplay with their very own species.

“As a result of these molecules are made to impact different organisms in numerous methods, they are often very helpful as therapeutics. For instance, they can be utilized to kill dangerous micro organism infecting people, and even have an impact straight on human cells for numerous therapeutic functions. In reality, most of our medicines are literally derived from or impressed by pure merchandise.”

“One vital use of pure merchandise is antibiotics. Ever because the serendipitous discovery of penicillin in 1928, which was a pure product from fungi that might kill micro organism … Along with antibiotics, many bacterial pure merchandise produce other therapeutic makes use of.

For instance, rapamycin, often known as sirolimus, is made by the micro organism Streptomyces hygroscopicus, and is used clinically as an immunosuppressant, particularly throughout a kidney transplant. Bleomycin, a pure product discovered from Streptomyces verticillus, is a chemotherapy drug used within the remedy for a variety of cancers.”

Industrial Microbiology

Microorganisms play a big function in industrial manufacturing, and new processes involving microbes are being researched as we communicate.

For instance, micro organism can probably “heal” concrete. Researchers on the College of Tub are investigating how some species of Bacillus micro organism may very well be used to make concrete that may “heal” itself.

As a skeptical peasant with no expertise in development, I’m enthusiastic about “therapeutic” concrete however I certainly hope that they take a look at this materials totally to guarantee that the spores they search to combine into the concrete don’t “leach” and make every little thing round us some form of a GMO spore fest.

Scientific Data Is Restricted

Genetically modified microbes sound nice for the underside line — however do the scientists know in earnest how issues work, and what results in what? Are they positive? If we’re to consider this paper, they don’t seem to be.

“Regardless of mounting proof linking host-associated micro organism to regular growth and illness in animal fashions and correlative proof in people, the mechanisms by which particular bacterial features have an effect on mammalian or microbiome physiology (i.e., effector features) stay largely undefined [emphasis mine].

The central dogma of molecular biology, historically outlined because the switch of knowledge from DNA to RNA to protein, stops in need of the final word finish level of a lot of the knowledge circulate in a organic system. In a big fraction of mobile processes, the top level of knowledge circulate isn’t a protein however is, as a substitute, a small molecule.

That is very true for micro organism which rely closely on low-molecular-weight compounds (i.e., small molecules or pure merchandise) to work together with their environment. The systematic characterization of small molecules produced by human-associated micro organism will undoubtedly be key to deciphering the mechanistic particulars of the function the human microbiome performs in our well being and illness.”

Bacterial Biosensors

In keeping with a paper titled “Bacterial biosensors: The way forward for analyte detection,” micro organism include loads of sensors — and, per Caroline Ajo-Franklin, Ph.D., a professor of biosciences at Rice College whose artificial biology lab develops microbial biosensors, “these sensors do not simply sense, they [also] inform the micro organism to do one thing.”

The researchers need to “leverage these pure responses to have the micro organism inform us, as people, what they’re seeing [and] what they’re feeling.”

The overall precept of a whole-cell microbial biosensor is to program a cell (sometimes via genetic engineering) to acknowledge and generate a measurable sign in response to a selected molecule. When producing biosensors, scientists “co-opt these responses [with a transducer] in order that as a substitute of getting cells that simply make [products like] efflux pumps, [researchers] engineer them to create a response [the scientists] can learn.”

“Relying on the biosensor and its meant use, this response will be electrochemical or contain expression of fluorescent or luminescent reporter proteins. Entire-cell biosensors are sometimes engineered to work solely when their goal molecule is current. This potential to fine-tune specificity and sensitivity has made bacterial biosensors promising analytical instruments.”

Entire-cell biosensors can “present perception on nutrient ranges and natural compounds in soils, which might inform strategies for managing crop development. They’ll additionally sign the presence and ranges of doubtless problematic compounds.”

“Along with vitamins and poisonous compounds, bacterial biosensors will be designed to reply to … different micro organism. Microbes secrete all kinds of metabolites, a lot of which might function goal analytes. As an example, microbial biosensors that detect quorum sensing molecules secreted by bacterial pathogens can sign the presence of disease-causing microbes in water, or in human samples to assist diagnose infections.”

“Bacterial biosensors could present helpful intel into the well being of human sufferers. A latest research described a biosensor created from the environmental bacterium, Acinetobacter baylyi, that may detect DNA from most cancers cells in vitro and in a mouse mannequin. This research offers a foundation for the appliance of microbial biosensors in most cancers detection and prognosis.

Scientists have additionally created ingestible biosensors that may detect bleeding or inflammatory biomarkers within the intestine to watch intestinal well being; the alerts from these inside microbial units will be transmitted to exterior units, like cellphones, thus illustrating how biosensors will be paired with present digital applied sciences to facilitate information assortment and evaluation.”

My two cents? On the one hand, it’s fantastic to have the ability to detect pollution round us (assuming it really works). It may very well be fantastic however … however the issue is that as standard, the scientists haven’t any clue about what’ll occur in the long run. Will these so known as “small natural robots” assist with one factor and break ten different issues? And the way will we even clear up? Scientists don’t appear to care. Buyers giggle on the very thought. And who will probably be caught with the invoice? Our our bodies. Us.

Graphene Oxide within the Mind: Yay

Talking of getting no clue, this 2023 paper titled, “Graphene Oxide Attenuates Toxicity of Amyloid-β Aggregates in Yeast by Selling Disassembly and Boosting Mobile Stress Response,” talks about utilizing graphene oxide to assist with Alzheimer’s illness.

What a fantastic thought! The method is predicated on the flexibility of GO nanoflakes to counter the aggregation of misfolded amyloid-β (Aβ) peptides within the mind. However what if these misfolded proteins are the mind’s response to an infection?

In any case, the “infectious” concept of Alzheimer’s illness has been recognized for some years, and an infection and ensuing irritation may very well be distinguished elements in growing AD. Then need? Are we simply going to wash the mind in GO nanoflakes till the particular person drops lifeless? To not point out GO toxicity, conductivity, and the Web of Issues. Jeez.

“Alzheimer’s illness (AD) is probably the most prevalent neurodegenerative illness, with the aggregation of misfolded amyloid-β (Aβ) peptides within the mind being one among its histopathological hallmarks. Not too long ago, graphene oxide (GO) nanoflakes have attracted vital consideration in biomedical areas attributable to their capability of suppressing Aβ aggregation in vitro.

The mechanism of this useful impact has not been totally understood in vivo. Herein, the influence of GO on intracellular Aβ42 aggregates and cytotoxicity is investigated utilizing yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae because the mannequin organism. This research finds that GO nanoflakes can successfully penetrate yeast cells and cut back Aβ42 toxicity.

Mixture of proteomics information and follow-up experiments present that GO remedy alters mobile metabolism to will increase mobile resistance to misfolded protein stress and oxidative stress, and reduces quantities of intracellular Aβ42 oligomers. Moreover, GO remedy additionally reduces HTT103QP toxicity within the Huntington’s illness (HD) yeast mannequin.

The findings provide insights for rationally designing GO nanoflakes-based therapies for attenuating cytotoxicity of Aβ42, and probably of different misfolded proteins concerned in neurodegenerative pathology.”

Need for Management … and Us

It appears to be like like loads of this artificial insanity is pushed by the will to manage. The will to manage performs an vital function in our tradition and in our medical paradigms. All in all, we live underneath the rule of loopy maniacs who search absolute management! It’s a really distorted, neurotic, joyless rule.

The loopy maniacs — the dominators, the power-seeking psychological kind — have been behind each huge atrocity, each not so nice reset for hundreds of years on finish, each main abuse. And they don’t seem to be letting go.

Sure, I consider that what’s driving the not so nice reset is need for management. That need has been driving our civilization for fairly some time. It is vitally logical that the individuals who wish to have management search to exchange the pure world with an artificial world. In an artificial world, they will impose their guidelines. An artificial world, they will management — or at the least strive. So what can we do?

I consider that what we do is keep vigilant, educate ourselves, hold issues in perspective, and demand on the legitimacy of our love of life. The aspiring masters need us to be afraid and unhappy. They need us to carry our head down and to be slaves. However we aren’t slaves! And if we do completely every little thing from the place of affection — robust, assured, non-push-over love — we’ll show not simply with our phrases however with our actions that we aren’t slaves. As a result of slaves, we aren’t.

In regards to the Creator

To search out extra of Tessa Lena’s work, you’ll want to try her bio, Tessa Fights Robots.


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